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Castle Rock Historical Society

Join Hannah Selector and Acadia Einstein (of Strangeful Things) and wander the decrepit archives of Castle Rock Historical Society. New episodes post (mostly) every Wednesday, and special video and live streamed shows are frequent. 

From its ambitious beginnings as an unofficial companion podcast to the Hulu Original Stephen King series, Castle Rock, CRHS has grown into a hilarious, King-orbiting-but-frequently-divergent, horror genre podcast. 

A delightful show full of community chatter, rib-splitting reviews and general ghoulish gab, the only thing this boo-tiful broadcast is lacking is your listening ears! Available now wherever you listen to podcasts.


Undead Air(lock)

A twice-monthly horror and podcast, Undead Air (previously Undead Airlock),is the beloved, and very first podcast creation of lifelong horror lover, Hannah Selector.


From horror history to freaky-fun interviews, Undead Air is exceptional in its offerings, even as a fledgling podcast. Entertaining, informative, and edifying of all things spooky, you'll find no show with a more sincere affection for the horror genre!

(Undead Air is currently in retirement, but possessing of that Brett Favre spirit.)

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