A Woman With a heart

for horror

Meet Hannah Selector - Get it? Like Hannibal Lecter, but instead of snacking on victims, she sinks her teeth into delicious horror media. 


By day, Hannah works a desk job and teaches violin, but by night she's a one-woman horror whirlwind. Perpetually tired (and chronically anxious) she's too busy writing fiction and consuming horror books, comics, games and movies to sleep. 


She's trying to make the nighttime frenzy her real job. (And, yes, she does consider The Silence of the Lambs a horror movie.)

Hannah lives in North Carolina with her delightful and fiercely private husband, Jason, and within driving distance of her loving but oft-bewildered parents. Her home is full of as-yet-unfulfilled dreams of a puppy (though she loves the family dog Finnegan like very own), and far too many plants and books for a reasonable person to possess.